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czwartek, 15 marca 2012

Review #1 - Mass Effect 3!

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"Get out there and give them hell. You were born to do this." - Garrus to Shepard just before the final confronation with the Reapears on Earth.

First of all I would like to apologize to all my readers for the delay. I know, I know - few days turned into one week. You have to excuse me for not writing anything for such a long period of time but I kind of lost contact with reality while I was playing through the final game of this amazing trilogy created by BioWare called Mass Effect. Yup, this is it - the final game with Commander Shepard was officially released just few days ago! After so many years we will finally be able to find out about the final fate of this amazing character and the whole humanity! And things are looking grim because no human ever faced such a diabolic enemy - THE REAPERS ARE BACK AND FULL IN STRENGTH!

I know that this blog is supposed to be only about Star Wars related stuff but from time to time I will make some exceptions and Mass Effect is such an exception. Sorry for that! So if you don't care just ignore this entry and stay tuned for the next one that will arrive very, very soon. Still, if you like Star Wars franchise you should totally check out Mass Effect if you haven't by now!

So enjoy this short, lore focused review but beware - THERE ARE SOME MAJOR SPOILERS IN IT because I will be mainly discussing the controversial ending of Mass Effect 3 which was not so well received by all fans out there (there is A LOT of controversy going on around it right now). 

RPG or shooter with RPG elements?

In the very beginning, before you even start the game you are able to choose between 3 different game modes - the action mode, classic RPG mode or the story mode. I am not sure how exactly the first one and the last one look. The acton mode is supposed to be mainly focused on the actual gameplay and less on the story. I am guessing that you just don't make any choices and simply watch cinematics with "canon" Shepard. Though as I said I am not sure and I may be wrong about that. Classic RPG mode is as the name suggests - classic. Both the normal gameplay and the full story will all potential choices are included. As for the story mode - it is supposed to be focusing on only story and is making combat much, much easier. I don't recommend choosing it unless you are a complete casual for whom pressing more then one button at the time is serious problem. It just removes any challenge from the game thus making it boring tbh and less entertaining. Just pick normal difficulty and you should be fine.

The gameplay is dynamic and feels more like an interactive movie. It's great! I know that Mass Effect 3 decided to take a path of "shooter with RPG elements" rather than of classic RPG game. Actually I am fine with that. I find aiming to be more interesting and most importantly fun than just simply clicking one button at your enemy and choosing sequences of attacks.

What I am not fine with is the way BioWare decided to deal with RPG elements. There are even less of them than in previous games. As an example: you can't choose what armor you wear anymore. Well ok, you can, but only for your character and it still is kind of strange and limited. Your companions are not able to wear variety of armors any more, only the default one. Why? I loved how you could customize your equipment in KotOR for example. I just don't understand why BioWare moved away from that. Don't make games easier and less complex, it's not always the right thing to do!

The Art of War.

Game looks fantastic even on not so fresh Unreal Engine 3. And its optimization is something to behold. My computer is pretty
old and I was able to play Mass Effect
on highest details without even
slightest problems. No crashes, no drops in
fps - nothing. Game ran smoothly all the time till the very end. As for soundtrack - well, what is there to say. Badass. Epic. As it is always the case with BioWare games, music and
voice acting are top notch. Playing this game feels like watching an awesome movie.

MASSive and epic momentum of storyline.

Now the most important part of the game to majority of players - the story. I won't tell you much (only about the ending that I will be discussing later on so If you didn't play the game yet get out!) because I don't want to spoil anything. The storyline is EPIC, from the start till the very end you will feel completly emerged in the Mass Effect universe. Once again BioWare did an outstanding job. There are more than few players who claim the game to be great until the last 15 minutes of it. Well, I just simply do not understand why - I personally loved the ending and I think that BioWare did amazing job with it. One great thing about Mass Effect series that was always there in previous games is the mysterious story. Even after you finished the game and found out about few things, there were more new questions arising that were left unanswered and kept player in even greater suspense. Same thing happened here yet we can all see that this is definite, final ending of the trilogy. Kudos BioWare. Kudos.

Or is it final? There are countless discussions going on all over the internet about the Mass Effect 3 ending. Thus as a result many people came up with some more or less ridiculous conspiracy theories. BUT there is one such theory or rather speculation that is more than interesting and surprisingly... logical. Check it out over at: http://social.bioware.com/forum/Mass-Effect-3/Mass-Effect-3-Story-and-Campaign-Discussion-Spoilers-Allowed/Was-the-ending-a-hallucination-9727423-1.html WARNING: HUGE SPOILERS!

So as the author stated in his theory, the whole ending was supposed to be a hallucination. Shepard was supposingly indoctrinated by the reapers throughout the whole thing in order to be tricked thus preventing him from winning. Last resort act by the old machines. Well... what do you think? Is it possible or is it just attempt by desperate fan to deny the tragic but still great finale of the series. At first I thought that this theory is as ridiculous as all others even if it makes sense (at least partly) but then some another rumor appeared on the web that linked with this theory. You can read more about it over at: http://www.gamefront.com/rumor-mass-effect-3-dlc-the-truth-due-in-april/

I guess we will find out if this is really the truth in April... Though as I said, I liked the ending and I would not mind at all if it remained the way it is. Don't get your hopes up, it is still just a rumor and nothing more than an uncertain 'leak'.

United we stand.

This isn't about strategy or tactics. This is about survival. - Commander Shepard to the citadel council about the Reaper invasion.

Multiplayer is surprisingly very good, addictive and time consuming as any online game should be. If you want to unlock EVERYTHING there is you will have to spend many, many hours playing the game. And with all the RNG present it may take you even up to thousands of hours - nice way to let fans enjoy Mass Effect even after replaying through the game 3 or more times. Though there is no story per say in multiplayer, just shooting huge waves of enemies. ;) While gameplay itself  of the multiplayer mode is rather decent and fun, there is something about it that made me stop playing it immidietly until the matter is sorted: the gear and unlockables that you obtain by playing just simply vanish for some players. Just like that... after you complete a match. It is beyond me how they managed to let such bug be present in the retail version of the game. I would understand if they found out about it just recently but the funny thing is that they knew about this bug since beta/demo versions. People who bought BioWare points for real money and unlocked DLC/multiplayer gear lost EVERYTHING and WERE STILL NOT GIVEN ANY REFUND. BioWare stated that there is nothing they can do about it for now and that all players have to be patient while issue is being investigated and hopefully... resolved. One week passed and there was no response at all. I myself lost about 50 specter packs that are equal to A LOT of credits, my free time, BioWare points and even real money.While BioWare games are more than great, its customer support is somewhat... lacking to put it nicely. I believe that our beloved company was indoctrinated by rEApers...

Duty calls.

To conclude: I can recommend this game to anyone - if you are fan of RPG and BioWare games you will not be disappointed despite what some people say. Even if you did not play any of the Mass Effect games, you will still be able to find out what is going on pretty quickly and get familiar with the general lore of the game. Though I encourage you to play previous two games if you haven't by now. And if you are a fan of the Masss Effect series, not buying this game is equal to sin and will cause you to end up in hell. I am dead serious, make sure that you get this game and play it!

Pros +
- EPIC storyline.
- AI of enemies.
- Choices made (also in the previous games) actually matter.
- Return of almost all characters from previous games.
- Audio-visual aspect of the game is top notch.

Cons -
- Bugs (for example vanishing gear in multiplayer though some people may not even care about that).
- AI of your companions.
- Too short!
- Too much shooting and not enough of RPG elements (not bad thing for everyone I guess).

Overall rating: 9.5/10

8 komentarzy:

  1. You really think that the ending was decent? I mean wtf it made no sense and just did not fit. ;/

    1. I think that it was totally awesome, just EPICCCC. Though it is obvious that opinions about such an 'controversial' and not necessarily happy ending will differ (and outburst of hate all over the web proved that :)).

      You have to understand that some people could have completely different point of view on the matter than you and thus are entitled to their own personal opinion and are also allowed to freely express it.

      Sometimes it is hard to hear people who like something over all the whine coming from the ones who don't. :)

  2. Faced same problem in multi and lost all my gear. Hope they fix this soon as for the ending - while it may have been good i just simply felt so hollow after playing the game that I hope we will get some DLC with optional 'happy' hollywood ending.

    1. Chris Priestly has addressed this issue.

      You can also check previous, almost 40 pages long thread:

      Hope this helps.

  3. Sorry to say this but I just dont like mass effect it feels like total rip off same stuff as all sci-fi give us star wars entries dude I loved your character spotlight

    1. Expect something star wars related to come very, very soon. Btw, why Mass Effect hate mate? Did you play it or do you just hate it for no reason?

  4. Just beaten the game myself and I also liked the ending lol.

  5. Hi! Czy wiesz, jak sprawdzić, czy Twój osobisty treść jest wyłącznie w Internecie i nie ma takiej osoby, która używa go, nie pozwalając wiesz o tym?