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czwartek, 8 marca 2012

Exclusive Interview with Drew Karpyshyn himself! - Part 2

Here you go, second part of exclusive interview with Drew Karpyshyn himself! Enjoy!

If you didn't check the first part by now, make sure you do! You can find it under the following link: http://lorefreak.blogspot.com/2012/02/exlusive-interview-with-drew-karpyshyn.html

Another bunch of questions that I would like to ask you - hope you don't mind. Just answer them if you have some spare time. :) 

Q: HK-47's fate - I wonder what happened to HK during all this time between Revan novel and TOR? Neither book nor the game really explain that, but Revan says the following line in the Foundry when you encounter him (in fact its the first thing he says to players expect ealier short talk via comlink): "That HK unit you destroyed - he waited loyally for three hundred years. I can rebuild him, but it won't be the same". So I assume that HK-47 was in the Foundry for more or less three hundred years, overlooking its production line and waiting for Revan? But how did he knew about the Foundry in the first place? Something I missed or it is just not explained? Thanks in advane for clarification 
A: HK-47's fate isn't something I can get into. We may want to explore it later in games or books, so I don't want to spoil anything. 
 All I can say: once there is a new companion added to the game, he may know something.

Q: "Mandalores" - error or? Don't know if this is small error or intentional but why does Revan say that he defeated "Mandalores" in plural? He should just say: Mandalorians instead of Mandalores. Unless he defeated more than one Mandalore? From what I know he only slew single Mandalore personally in hand to hand combat, and his name was the Ultimate. 
Quote from Wookieepedia: Mandalore was the Basic transliteration of the title used by the the supreme leader of the Mandalorian people and culture. In its truest, native rendering as Mand'alor, the title meant "sole ruler" in the Mandalorian language of Mando'a. 
This bothered me ever since I done the Foundry for the first time.
What other Mandalore could he possibly kill? The only Mandalore other than the Ultimate that Revan knew is the Preserver aka Canderous Ordo. And there is no way he killed Canderous given the fact that he was one of his best friends. Canderous killed his own wife and fellow mandalorian comrades when they turned on Revan... He gathered all the scattered, remaining clans after the Jedi Civil War and thanks to him Mandalorians are considerable power once again, three hundred years later. Revan told him to do this and he would have never killed him. Maybe fought? They never really fought against each other I think, maybe in KotOR but I think in fact they didn't. 
A:  I don't know what you're referencing with Revan and "Mandalores"... he basically defeated one Mandalore, or if you're referring to the group, then Mandalorians. So maybe this was a typo? As I said, I don't know what you're referring to, so I can't really help you out.   
I'll try to pass this along in my spare time and sort it out.

And the last thing, I'll just copy small part of discussion from swtor official forums: 
Q: xeviltoasterx: Question... Didn't the Revanites have Revan's mask? How did Revan get it back by the Foundry? Just curious.
Wolfninjajedi: The mask that Revanites got was just a fake.
xeviltoasterx: I see, where did we find this out, or is it just kind of insinuated? I totally missed that.
Me: Just speculations, noone can be sure. Its either fake or Revanites somehow managed to give the mask to Revan. As for the second option - if it were true, it must have happened somewhere between the Maelstorm Nebula prison and the Foundry flashpoints but it's unlikely that Revan traveled to Dromund Kaas just to meet this cult and reclaim his mask. BUT he somehow knew about the Revanites when you talk to him in the Foundry... strange. After you tell him that there was a cult founded in his honor, he answers: "So I heard, not what I would have wanted, given the things I did". Still, revanites probably did not knew anything about Revan's true location, as far as they are concerned, he killed the Emperor and claimed his place. :P Nutjobs... or are they really? 
So, can you clear this up to us? :) 
A:  I don't comment on forum posts or things like this; I kind of like the debate and I don't want to kill it by saying "here is my official answer". Plus, I didn't write or work on the Revanite plots, so I'm not the expert.  
Still, nice catch with that mask!

Q: Could you tell me why Carth is not mentioned in "Revan" novel at all? It was kind of disappointing. Everyone is mentioned expect him...
A: Carth was supposed to be present in the novel and he was in fact mentioned in some early drafts. Over time as the book was edited and some parts of it rewritten, the scene of him talking with Revan was kind of removed. I wanted to add it, but I just simply forgot about it. My bad, sorry for that.  

Thank you so much again! Keep up amazing work, looking forward to reading your future books & novels! And I am still hoping that one day you will write some kick-ass novel about Revan's early days! :)

Now, I am going off to play Mass Effect 3, so be generous if I don't write any new posts for like few days or something. :P Once I'll finish it i'll probably write some review so stay tuned!

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  1. Interesting... So Carth was supposed to be in the novel. His dialogue with Revan could have been very interesting.

    And that new companion (HK-51 probably? Who else?) will tell us something about HK-47... I wonder what that assassin droid knows.


    I am going to ask Mr Karpyshyn some questions via e-mail soon. Do you have any more questions left?

  2. cool interview cant wait for 1.3! MEATBAGS BEWARE! :DDD

  3. nice I have to email that guy myself^^

  4. BTW vote for Revan !