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czwartek, 23 lutego 2012

Exclusive Interview with Drew Karpyshyn himself!

Drew Karpyshyn - say whatever you want about him, but this man is a legend. The lead writer of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect 1. And of course the creator of Revan character. Also, an author of what I consider one of the greatest Star Wars books to be ever released - Darth Bane: Path of Destruction.

For three years he was working on Star Wars: The Old Republic, continuously contributing to it's storyline. Most recently he wrote an amazing novel called simply: "Revan". While according to me and many other fans it was a great read, some people reacted rather negatively to it and had very controversial opinions about the whole plot. Well, De gustibus non est disputandum.

Anyway, recently Drew retired from BioWare in order to be able to focus more on his own projects and to spend more time... golfing. Was his decision forunate or not that remains to be seen but as Drew put it: "However, I feel that’s an essential step for every creative artist to take at some point. It keeps us fresh, it keeps us energized."

You can share your personal view on this matter in the question poll.

Overall, Drew is a really nice guy (at least from what I hear, tbh I don't even personally know him :)). But it seems that this opinion about him is rather accurate, because not many writers spend their free time answering theirs fans emails (and even those nasty ones written by haters!).

I emailed Drew Karpyshyn recently and asked him a few questions mainly related to lore (and I also got an answer to the ones related to Revan's final fate and his possible reappearance in the future!), so here you go, enjoy this exclusive set of Q&A:

Hello, first of all I would like to say that I am huge fan of your books and games (KotOR series, Bane trilogy, Revan novel - you make SW lore even greater than it already is!:)).
I just recently finished SW:TOR (or rather completed my first character's storyline) and I have few questions and it would be great if you could find some time to answer them.
All right, so here it goes: 

Q: Did Revan really fall to the dark side again? How come he wants to commit genocide and exterminate the whole race? And how is that possible that Republic is supporting him in doing so - it's against all principles that the jedi believe in. And there are jedi aboard the foundry, along with republic troops. 
A: Revan always walked on the edge of light and dark, and being corrupted by the Emperor's presence for 300 years did push him over in that direction. However, that doesn't mean he can't be redeemed again later - remember, you never see him die; he just vanishes. We left that door open on purpose.

Q: After the Foundry encounter, Revan speaks the same line as Malak did during his demise on the Starforge. Is this some sort of homage to Malak or? If yes, it kind of confirms that he fell to the Dark Side. 
A: It's more of an homage than proof of anything.

Q: Is there a chance that you will ever write another book related to Revan? For example about his childhood, how Kreia/Arren Kae found him and how he became a jedi. It would be great to find out more about him. We know that he came from the outer rim and that Revan was in fact not his real name (it was revealed in TOR: "Revan - it is not my real name, it never was, but it will do). 
A: Nothing planned right now, but you never know what the future holds.

Q: In "Revan" novel, Meetra Surik talks to Bastila before going to Nathema and eventually Dromund Kass in order to rescue Revan. Bastila saw sith on the T3's holo recording. So how come she did not tell anything to the Republic (jedi order/republic military). Republic did not knew anything about the Sith Empire when it re-emerged and attacked Korriban three centuries later but Bastila must have suspected something given the fact that she saw sith that is alive. So she did not share that information with anyone and did not warn the jedi? Why? 
A: Bastila may have said something about the holo, but she and the Jedi didn't get along that well after KOTOR. Also, even if she said something, after a couple centuries pass and nobody shows up it would be easy to dismiss her warnings. Remember - 300 years pass from the Revan novel until the Sith attack the Republic; Revan bought the Repbulic three centuries of peace to rebuild and recover, or else they would have been wiped out.

Q: Can you confirm that the Sith Entity from the Sith Warrior's storyline is in fact Kreia? Or give any hint/clue related to this? Codex entry about the entity seems very familiar and Kreia fits into it perfectly. Will we get to see more of the sith entity in SW:TOR's future storyline?  
A: I didn't write this, so I can't comment 100%. But I think it's suppposed to be Kreia.

Q: Can you tell me anything about Satele's and Revan's relationship? Why it is not explored in SW:TOR? Will we ever get to see Revan and Satele somehow interacting with one another? Why you decided not to go for reunion with grand daddy? I personally like the idea, it seems like an interesting plot twist.
          A: I can't talk about that in case we want to use it in a later game, book or comic.

Q: Will we ever get to know the final fate of KotOR characters like Zaalbar or Canderous - we never find out what happened to them. While Canderous is obviously dead, Zaalbar could be alive - from what I know, wookies can live FOR A LONG time. And even if Canderous is dead, it would be great to know how he died - from what I recall, in smuggler class story players find his skull but thats it. He was a great character and it would be a bummer not to find out what happened to him after Revan novel and KotOR 2. Canderous was in fact my favourite companion back in KotOR. I just loved to hear his tales about the Mandalorian Wars. The one with reference to Yuuzhan Vongs was especially awesome.   
          A: Same thing.

Thanks again for everything that you have done, looking forward to your future contribution to the Star Wars lore. I am sure it will be great as everything you did was so far. "Revan" was a great read with really dramatic ending, at least that is what I think. 

Thanks for the e-mail,

After reading the sentence I outlined, I am sure that we will see more of Revan in the future. Just can't wait! Revan will come back and will kick some major ass!

Oh, and according the outlined quote, Revan's actions were actually not grey but dark, just as I thought: "...and being corrupted by the Emperor's presence for 300 years did push him over in that direction".

Let me quote something I wrote a while back:
It is still a matter of debate whether his actions are purely dark or more kind of grey. I heared rumor that Drew Karpyshyn himself (creator of Revan character) confirmed that Revan was in fact actling like grey and not dark jedi, meanining he partly stayed true to the light side. Still, commiting genocide is against everything that jedi believe in so I don't know... it will be interesting to see how BioWare develops Revan's story in future. I personally don't believe that Drew said that. Why? Well, everything in the game suggests that Revan in fact fell to the dark side (and gone mad due to the impact the Emperor had on him and all). But, he understood or will understand his flaws in the end.
I just find it strange that his actions would be considered as such (grey), because all codex entries about Revan strongly suggest that he's gone mad and is obsesed with stopping the Emperor no matter the cost. That is why I would like to see that quote for myself. 
So it seems that in the end I was right!

All codex entries related to Revan strongly suggested that the Emperor had huge impact on him over the course of three centuries long imprisonment. As Vitiate ravaged Revan's mind, poor guy went insane and is "steeping in hate". No wonder, Emperor pretty much ruined his life and prevented him from ever meeting with his family again.

Let's just hope that after the Foundry Revan realized his flaws and came back to the light. Towards the end of fight he speaks the exact same words as Malak during his demise so I think Revan understood that he had fallen to the dark side. He will once again come back fully aware of who he really is.

As for Canderous, it is possible that we will find out what happened to him... either by playing TOR, or reading some future comic/book.

Expect PART 2 of the interview to be added soon. The questions will touch upon the following topics: HK-47's fate, Revan's mask and more!

17 komentarzy:

  1. I think you should have asked him a little bit more about the lesser questions. I know that on Dromund Kaas we meet the Revanites and SUPPOSEDLY decide their fate when we either reveal Anyarah or frame Darth Charnis, but will it really end there? I hope not, for both story sake and Anyarah's. (I wouldn't mind seeing something between them, or hearing about it at least)

    Will Revan and the Revanites have any influence in major patches to the game? I want to see more of them.

    Will the Jedi and Sith storylines (Inquisitor and Consular in particular) be able to learn from any of his teachings? Whenever I roleplay a Sith I seem to gravitate towards that but the storyline keeps making it black and white...

    I haven't played either Kotor, but I would like to if I could afford it. Still, for now I enjoy it whenever Revan is brought up, he adds a shade of gray desperately needed in a universe of black and white. The game would feel much different if his presence was absent, I enjoy hearing about him because he is the embodiment not only of power, but of understanding. Sure, the Emperor bombarding his mind screwed him up, that doesn't make me hate him, though genocide of the Sith Pureblood is kind of overkill, but I still love the storyline behind him, a man who has mastered light and dark, and is now something more by balancing between them.

    Plus he's the only "Jedi" in the game playing with a full deck of cards by understanding that not all passion is bad, but not corrupted either. (although there have been rumors Satele isn't exactly the model herself. Oddly enough she's the one Jedi I respect as a Sith.)

  2. Yeah, I wonder what's up with Revanites as well. In fact, in next set of Q&A there will be one question answered about them, linked with question about Revan's mask.

    As for Inquisitor and Consular in particular, I don't think that Drew was involved in those stories. From what I know, he was working on Jedi Knight's storyline so asking him about any other classes would be pointless because he can't really comment on them (same thing as with the Sith Entity question I asked him - he just wasn't really involved in writing Sith Warrior's storyline thus couldn't say much about it, I THINK).

    From what I understand, each of the classes storyline was created from scratch by one, particular writer. They probably discussed things with each other to avoid retconning the whole game but other than that worked on their own.

    Still, those are purely my speculations and assumptions so we can't be certain about anything.

    1. It would be great if you ask him following questions about TOR and Revan novel:

      1. You retired from Bioware. Does it mean that you will not contribute to The Old Republic MMO again? (exluding the novels of course)

      2. How did Revan knew about the Foundry?

      3. What happened to the Ebon Hawk after the events of "Revan"?

      4. In KoTOR 2 there was a hypothesis, that Revan during the Jedi Civil War was conquering galaxy to defend it against the threat of the "True Sith." Is that true? Or maybe his motivations were less idealistic?

      5. This question is about the events that took place after the Mandalorian Wars. We know that after defeating the Mandalorians at Malachor V, Revan took the remainder of his fleet and disappeared from the known galaxy. From your novel we know, that Revan and Malak went to Rekkiad, then came to Nathema and after that they found and infiltrated Dromund Kaas. But there is no mention about the fleet. This raises the question: where was then the Republic fleet?

  3. Can't wait for the second part! I hope that we will see more interviews soon.

  4. Some interesting questions you have there, you should try to ask them yourself. As I wrote, Drew is really nice guy that answers most if not all emails sent to him by his fans. Anyway, if I ever get a chance to ask him more questions, I'll make sure to also ask some of the ones you proposed (I am curious about those things myself !). :)

  5. Revan was beliving he was the best option for the people of the Republic to survive the True Sith. That is what was told in the game. Not to mention the handling of grey areas lack finesse in both Revan and TOR when it comes to Revan. Avellone did it much better. Just my 2cents. (Yes i belong to those few who did not like the Revan novel, for how much it had retcon the lore and characters.)

  6. I think that back in KotOR games it was always said that Revan was his real name

    1. I don't think so. His "real name" is the one YOU chose to give him back in KotOR. It is the same thing with the Jedi Exile. The difference is, she was given a specific CANON name (Meetra Surik) because Drew decided it would be better for her to have some name in his novel.

      He did not do the same thing with Revan for simple reason: Revan is a more iconic character. And Revan sounds in fact more like a name (and jedi exile does not sound like a name at all).

      At least that is how I interpret it.

    2. Through his life he had many names: Unknown birth name -> The Revanchist -> Revan -> Darth Revan -> Player name -> Revan again.

      I think, that his "real name" is his true birth name (unknown). But:

      "To inspire a galaxy, a leader has to be everyone. Past identities don't matter"

      That is why he became Revan. Revan is who he was born to be.
      And we can say, that Revan is his "true name", like the mask is his "true face".

    3. When Revan confronts Malak for the first times he says something along the lines (or rather has an option to say it): "Don't call me Revan, < the name we gave him > is my real name! I am no longer Darth Revan!".

      But fair enough - I can see your point. You could argue that his real name is in fact his birth name that is unknown and not the one that we, the players decide to give him.

  7. After all the name that players decide to give him is the fictional name that the jedi gave Revan along with his new identity.

  8. He realized that there is no point in alliance with either republic or the empire because both are corrupted. He will use the Foundry 2.0 to destroy the entire galaxy and we will stop him in some future operation.

    1. I remember someone saying something similar and no, just no...

      Clearly wrong interpretation of the character and the whole situation. Revan gave up everything for his beloved Republic. He could have just ignored his nightmares and spend the rest of life with his family. You know, just live his life peacefully without worrying about anything. But he decided to leave his wife and son behind in order to make sure that the Republic is safe (it is true that he also wanted to stop the 'mysterious threat' so that Bastila and Vaner were not in any danger ). BUT saving the republic itself was also very important to Revan because as I said, the probability that this threat would endanger him and his family in any way during their lifetime was very low. Just read Revan novel and you'll understand.

      Remind yourself of what Revan says (his final line) when you confront him in the Foundry. "I saved the Republic twice before... you won't stop me!". The thing is that he is ready to do anything it takes to defend the Republic (including commiting genocide and wiping out entire population of Sith Empire - a bit extreme approach given the fact that most of imperial population is made of innocent citizens)

  9. More likely scenario is that the Republic will fight the Emperor along with Revan in some operation and the Empire will fight Revan along with the Emperor. :P

    1. I don't think that will be the case. Do you actually know what kind of character the Sith Emperor is? If not, check "Lord Vitiate" on wookieepedia. Or simply play the JK storyline and read "Revan" novel. While he is no friend to the Republic, he is definitely neither the friend to the Empire players.

      Basically the Emperor is a huge nutshell and a madman. He wants to extermine all life in the galaxy in order to become even more powerful than he already is. Not immortal though, he already is immortal. His hunger for power progressively increases and he won't stop until everything that he could leech upon ceases to exist.

      "You discern a fraction of reality. Beyond these stars exist other galaxies, other worlds, other beings. I will experience or ignore them as I wish. I will spend eternity becoming everything: a farmer, an artist, a simple man. When the last living thing in the universe finally dies, I will enjoy peace and wait for the cycle to begin again." - Lord Vitiate to one, lone Jedi Knight sent to defeat him.

      The above quote shows pretty nicely what the Emperor really wants to achieve. The actual war is only serving as a distraction to his true plan.

    2. So to sum up, I believe that both players of the Republic and the Empire will fight the Emperor at some point. And Revan will aid them somehow.

  10. Revan should help players kill a one psychopath once and for all, that would be the best ending of his story for me.