Quote of the week: "He made me a Sith Lord and named me Darth Revan. I killed for him--I turned on the Republic--but I've found redemption." - Revan talking about his past.

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wtorek, 13 sierpnia 2013

Tragedy of Revan


The tragedy of Revan, the prodigal knight - savior, hero, conqueror and villain. Despite his redemption, in the end he went mad, being overtaken by grief which over centuries transformed into hatred hence his obsession with killing the sith emperor that led to his downfall. 

"In the end, as the darkness takes me... I am nothing. Now I know how you felt, my friend."

wtorek, 6 sierpnia 2013

LoreFreak is back!

To all previous members of the LoreFreak community that enjoyed reading my blog: LoreFreak is back guys!

It has been almost a year since I stopped adding posts on my previous blog: http://lorefreak.blogspot.com. So why did I stop? Well, partly due to the fact that I lacked the time but also, to be perfectly blunt - for some reason I was not as enthusiastic about it as before, at the very start. Still, I would say that the blog was a success to say the least, and in just a month or two (or was it three?) I reached a rather big audience of almost 4,000 UNIQUE viewers from all around the globe. Over that time, my blog was viewed about 30,000 times. Quite impressive feat if I don't say so myself.

I decided to resume the activity of the blog, but this time in a form of portal based on phpbb script - mainly because I did not like to communicate with my readers through comments, it was a rather ambiguous form of communication that I found frustrating for some reason. Now, we will be able to communicate through the use of sophisticated forum board. The server itself is for now, a free hosting server (you know the sort, cheap thus kinda shi... not as good as it should be lmao) with many restrictions but I am planning to develop this site as we go and constantly improve upon it, adding brand new features.

Feel free to check the forums and register if you like what you are seeing: http://lorefreak.com

Let the LoreFreak community grow!

Interviews, debates, reviews, articles and more - you name it. All Star Wars related, embrace your inner nerd(i)ness!

LoreFreak is a new site dedicated to all Star Wars lore geeks out there. You want to be up to date on all newest Expanded Universe books, comics, games and movies? Well, this is the site for you. If new Star Wars book published by Del Rey comes out, here you will be able to read it's review. If new Clone Wars animated series season comes out, here you will be able to find out if it is worth watching it. New Star Wars game comes out? Same thing - As soon as I will play through it I shall submit as least fan-boyish and as most objective review as possible in order to help you decide whether it's worth giving a shot. Also, I never thought that I would say it, but if a new freakin STAR WARS MOVIE comes out, you will be able to discuss it in depth with other freaks on this very site.

That is not all though! Before this forum was created, LoreFreak was a star wars blog which focused on more mature content of star wars that focused on quality of storytelling and its complexity. We had very dedicated, passionate community and we intended to keep our community together!

So you might ask: What does this forum offer me? How does it differ from all other countless star wars related forums on the web. Well, trust me - you won't be disappointed. There is more to this forum than meets the eye at first. Just to give you an example, all the registered users can gain access to exclusive content found nowhere else like star wars insiders short stories, dark horse comics and so on! That is only a small glimpse of what awaits you here at LoreFreak so don't hesitate and join us now! Just so you know, we have cookies as well (for those willing to follow the dark side that is).

Before registring, make sure to check out the gallery of forum avatars that is at your disposal.

Any donations are welcome and they will help us to relocate our forms to the more professional hosting site that allows for a far more advanced phpbb features. Other than that, there are also things like domain that need to be changed - of course they are of lesser priority and the current domain will suffice for now but we are striving to be become something special among other star wars fansites - a site unlike any other, where all the lore freaks can share their passion.

I suppose this is it, enjoy your stay and may the force be with you.

sobota, 14 kwietnia 2012

LoreFreak Info #2 - Stats so far

Damn, I am afraid that some of you might think that this blog turned dead. I hope not, because I intend on writing over here at LoreFreak for a lot more time! Yeah I know, 3 weeks passed since the last entry. Forgive me! Studying at university, doing your driving license and at the same time playing SW:TOR is kind of not compatible. Anyway, one more week and I should have more free time so I am hoping to at least write one entry per week.

Now, in this entry I want to talk about... you! I will share blog's statistics that so far look very good and I am more than satisfied with them (tbh I wasn't expecting such a huge traffic on my own blog:)). Some of you might be disappointed that I won't write about something related to star wars lore. Sorry, I promise that next entry will be worth the wait.  

So far, http://www.lorefreak.blogspot.com was visited over 5,000 times. Also, soon the site will reach number of 1,500 UNIQUE viewers meaning that one and half thousand people visited LoreFreak! Number of average pageviews per day is equal to about 150

People all around the globe are reading my rubbish entries. We have viewers from the following countries (random order):
United States                                                      25%
Poland                                                                  23%
United Kingdom                                                 10%
Australia                                                              4% 
Canada                                                                  4%
Germany                                                              1%
Kenya                                                                 ~1%
France                                                                  9%
Ireland                                                                 3%
Mexico                                                                 1%
Sweden                                                                2%
Russia                                                                 8%
Norway                                                                2%
Armenia                                                           ~1%  
Hungary                                                             1%
You do not even know how much it means to me that we have such a variety of viewers from all over the world. It is great to know that some people out there read what you have to say about something that you are passionate about. :)

In the very start I promised you a contest with exceptional prizes. I intend to keep that promise. I don't know yet when I will start the contest but I want to make it fun, interesting, compelling and unique. Once again, thank you all so much for your continuous support! 

piątek, 23 marca 2012

Character Spotlight #2 - (Darth) Revan: The KotOR legacy.

Sorry for the delay, was kind of busy lately. Getting there though! Just give me a day or two. :)

UPDATE: Here you go, hope you enjoy!

Revan, renowned as "The Revanchist" and dreaded as the Sith Lord Darth Revan, was an eminent Jedi Knight turned conquering Dark Lord of the Sith until, stripped of his true persona, he returned to the crumbling Jedi Order and helped defeat the Sith Empire he had established. A Human male, and acknowledged as a very gifted and powerful Force-sensitive pupil, he was trained as a Padawan by Kreia and a number of other Jedi Masters, both on Coruscant and at theJedi Enclave on Dantooine.

Source: Wookieepedia - The Star Wars Wiki

Revan , one of the most interesting and maybe in certain cases even controversial characters present in whole star wars lore. What makes him so special you may ask. Well, the most important thing about Revan is that it was actually the player that curved his character and shaped/developed Revan the way he wanted to. Because of this, every player had his very own, unique vision of their Revan. In fact back in the original KotOR we knew very little certain facts about Revan's character. It was KotOR 2 that expanded Revan's character and gave players some sort of wider vision about their beloved jedi or sith they played in previous game. Revan was a force user (he was in fact "neither jedi nor sith") who always walked on the edge of light and dark. And thus now we move onto another thing that makes him so special. When Revan was a jedi, he was willing to do things that no other jedi would ever do. He did them because he thought they were necessary and that he did them for the greater good, making sacrifices that in the end saved more lives. While it may seem noble at first, reality is not so easy. With such an approach it is not difficult to cross over the thin line between light and dark that you walk between. Still, while we knew some things about Revan, he was still a huge mystery to everyone. And that was so for many, many years until SW:TOR came.

The moment SW:TOR was announced back in 2008 I knew that it would somehow be related to Revan. And that BioWare would have to establish certain 'canon' character because keeping him constantly in the shadows as a mystery to everyone would be kind of impossible to achieve (or hard at very least). Thus it was certain that this would cause a lot of controversy among some of the fans. Drew Karpyshyn, the man who created Revan and who was a lead writer on KotOR 1 had an extremly difficult task. He had to somehow connect KotOR and SW:TOR so that they made sense and make Revan a center of all events that transpire in MMO. Still, there was no other man walking on earth that could have done it. And so he wrote a novel called Revan, dramatically changing the view of countless fans about their beloved character. As you can imagine, blood was spilled and harsh words were said. By some of course, it is sometimes hard to hear satisfied and happy people over all the whining coming from the haters. I personally liked the way Mr. Karpyshyn dealt with Revan. Maybe it is because that is exactly how I imagined Revan and how I played him. Yup, my Revan was a male who was redeemed and who fell in love with Bastila. I think that the right choice was made. Reedemed Revan seemed like the most appealing to me and the most satisfying one. I know that some people just like to watch the galaxy burn and play the bad guys (more fun to them I guess lol), but I think that saving the galaxy is after all more satisfying. Though it is obvious that this may be different to everyone, and it is kind of hard for me to judge anything. Anyway...

In the next paragraphs I will be going into more detail about how Revan's character was dealt with in both novel and SW:TOR and what future has in store for him. (if we will see more of him at all in the first place - will also be reviewing the probability of that happening). After that, I will be looking at Revan's character from completly different and I think very intruging perspective.

Now, as for Revan's pressence in SW:TOR I won't go into extreme detail on this, if you want to know more about Revan feel free to read up on him on wookiepedia (the best thing to do would be to play KotOR 1&2 and read Revan novel yourself).


Basically, Revan was betrayed by Lord Scourge, the sith that helped him and the Jedi Exile (Meetra Surik is her canon name after Drew called her that in his novel) get to the Emperor. During their confrontation, T3 was destroyed by being desintegrated into million pieces by Vitiate, and Meetra brutally killed by being stabbed from behind. After that defeat, Revan was impriosoned for three hundred years, constantly being tortured by the Emperor.

In SW:TOR, he was freed by players from the Maelstorm Nebula prison. You know, the one in which he was being held up in stasis for over three centuries, being constantly tormented as his mind was ravaged by the Emperor.

On top of that, his life was kind of wasted and ruined given the fact he would never be able to see his wife and son. Also, his most trusted allies were killed which kind of pissed him off. He felt sorrow that over three hundred years transformed into anger and hate. In combination with Emperor's influence it drove him mad. That is what all game codex entries kind of suggest. I am not surprised, in Revan's place I would also be a bit mad and would probably lost some part of my sanity. I would say that he most likely fell to the dark side. I think it was BioWare's intention to give us such a tragic ending. Again, some are happy with it and some are not (yes, there are people out there that liked the way Revan was dealt with in SW:TOR). I personally think that Revan's story is still lacking and that giving us only two flashpoints is just not enough. Don't get me wrong, I've done both the Maelstorm Nebula prison and the Foundry flashpoints and both were very entertaining/fun to do, epic I would even say. Still, I am just not satisfied. Some may argue that Revan related content is all over the game, there are countless quests in which Revan or other KotOR characters are somehow mentioned or referenced to.

And this game was not supposed to be about him, but about us , the players - the new generation of heroes.

Still, it is just not enough! While I understand that Revan story should finally come to an end, do so in proper way! You have to understand that almost everything that happens in SW:TOR is somehow connected to Revan. Yes, practically like all of it.

But there is never to late for yet another redemption, or rather sudden clarity and realization of self flaws!

It may seem kind of overused as a theme though.While being redemeed is an interesting concept in itself, for the first time, it may become dull once you turn bad, then good over and over.

Guess we just have to wait and see how it all turns out.

Also, I don't get why people keep saying that Revan should return as a force ghost. To become a forst ghost you firstly need to die. And he is not dead, you never see him die.

He just vanishes/disappears/teleports, interpret it as you want. BUT HE IS NOT DEAD. Just as he was about to die he shielded himself and was immune to all incoming attacks. HE STILL HAD SOME HP LEFT! HA! YOU JUST CAN'T COUNTER THAT CAN YOU? If you want you can read my interview with Drew himself in which I ask him about Revan's potential future fate. BioWare left doors open for a reason... If he wouldn't say anything, there would still be a rather big chance of Revan's reappearance. But if someone responsible for the story (well responsible no more I guess, but BioWare story writers will probably still keep in touch with him on certain matters like for example JK story or Revan's character) says that they left doors open for a reason, it is basically equal to confirmation that we will see more of that character later on.

But where would Revan fit now into SW:TOR's storyline? Well, as we know from the letter received by the newly appointed Emperor's Wrath (Sith Warrior), the Sith Emperor survived the encounter with JK. So an assumption that the Sith Emperor will become some sort of ops boss seems logical. And Revan being present in it, aiding us somehow while fulfilling the role of lets say Tirion Fordring from the LK encounter in WoW seems very likely.

As for the jedi knight's storyline or its continuation - Revan would fit in it very well but I doubt that he will be part of any character's storyline because it would just cause much controversy. Why? People could get mad that BioWare is favouring JK class over other classes. I don't get why because they can just always play JK for themselves if they want to but meh. I personally believe that if BioWare would have ever decided to release KotOR 3 instead of SW:TOR, JK storyline would actually be the KotOR 3's storyline (of course partly, probably many things would have changed). It is even possible that orignally BioWare was planning to create KotOR 3 but ultimately decided to create its first MMORPG and canceled the project. And they used KotOR 3 storyline for JK. Though this his highly uncertain because I am not sure if they inteded for KotOR 3 to be happening 300 years after the other two. More possible scenario is that they just did such a huge jump in timeline for the needs of their MMO. I think that Drew Karpyshyn was the one working on JK class story. Heck, maybe keep Revan away from TOR and give us KotOR 3 that will end this epic trilogy with some awesome ending and at the same time closing chapter of Revan in SW lore.


It is very likely that if it were not for fans, Revan would remain dead. Back in beta build of the game he actuaklly died and THERE WAS A BODY LEFT. Once this was leaked, outburst coming from fans was huge so BioWare changed the ending of final encounter in the Foundry. I can understand that some people would like for Revan to just stay that way, but I am one of those fans that are just not happy with how the Foundry turned out in the end. And I believe there is a lot more of us, people that feel emotionally attached to their KotOR character - nothing to add here. I know that this game is not about Revan but he still is our beloved character. He deserves better ending. Better, more honorable death (Honor is a fool's prize! Glory is of no use to the dead! :)).

But as Mass Effect 3 and its ending recently showed, BioWare listens to its fans and is ready to succumb to their demands (or at least it claims so after getting bashed so bad, but I think they learned their lesson lol :P). Don't know if all of you are aware of this, but few days ago Ray Muzyka (CEO at BioWare) wrote a rather long and humble letter apologizing all the fans and saying that they are listing to them and that he does not deny the possibility of ending being changed in the future. Still, I would say that what happened with ME3 is kind of extreme, artist should be free to express whatever he wants with his creation. Sure, we are able to expres our view from recipient's standpoint as well but some people crossed the line. There were fans who threatend BioWare with court suits.... I mean seriously? I wouldn't exactly call them "fans". Funny thing is that some of these people crying about ME3 ending did not even buy the game but stole it and they still dare to critizie BioWare, wanting them to change the ending in product that they did not even legaly obtained. The more there are such people, the more reasonable it gets for BioWare to release everything in form of DLC (and maybe even MMO instead of single player RPG games). Anyway, we went kind off the topic here.

Now as for the intruging perspective I was talking about before...

"I am Darth Revan, Dark Lord of the Sith. Those who use the dark side are also bound to serve it. To understand this is to understand the underlying philosophy of the Sith. The dark side offers power for power's sake. You must crave it. Covet it. You must seek power above all else, with no reservation or hesitation. The Force will change you. It will transform you. Some fear this change. The teachings of the Jedi are focused on fighting and controlling this transformation. That is why those who serve the light are limited in what they accomplish." - Darth Revan's avatar to Darth Bane.

In the end, despite everything, Revan is the one who is responsbile for fall of both the Republic and the jedi order, over 3,000 years later. It is a bit ironic because while Revan was redeemed and was so desperate to sacrifce everyting in order to save his beloved Republic, after all he is the one responsible for its downfall.

Few millenia after TOR, Darth Bane uses Revan's perception of the dark side in order to create the Rule of Two - new philosophyical apprach of the sith. It will ultimately lead to the annihilation of almost the entire jedi order and formation of the Galactic Empire as we know it from original trilogy. If it were not for Revan, Emperor Palpatine would have probably never managed to take over the galaxy.

While Republic may have bested Vitiate's empire, in the end it got destroyed and reformed from within. Revan was the one who instructed sith in their victory. No matter how Revan's story is developed and expanded in TOR, this is the ultimate outcome that can't be altered. I like this, as I said very ironic and interesting story twist.

Because of Revan, sith managed to defeat the jedi for the first time in the galaxy's history. By use of the most powerful weapons dark side has to offer - deception, cunning, manipulation.

So you could argue that Revan was in fact the most powerful sith ever - without him Palpatine would have never managed to rule the galaxy. Hold on haters! I am not claiming that Revan is the most powerful character in SW universe - it is possible that there were more then few sith/jedi who could have pose more than a match for him in open combat. I am just saying that you could portray him as the one who accomplished the most. Power can vary a lot. It all comes down to your personal, subjective opinion and the way you interpret canon lore.

"True power can come only to those who embrace the transformation. There can be no compromise. Mercy, compassion, loyalty: all these things will prevent you from claiming what is rightfully yours. Those who follow the dark side must cast aside these conceits. Those who do not—those who try to walk the path of moderation—will fail, dragged down by their own weakness. Those who accept the power of the dark side must also accept the challenge of holding on to it. By its very nature the dark side invites rivalry and strife. This is the greatest strength of the Sith: it culls the weak from our order. Yet this rivalry can also be our greatest weakness. The strong must be careful lest they be overwhelmed by the ambitions of those working beneath them in concert. Any master who instructs more than one apprentice in the ways of the dark side is a fool. In time, the apprentices will unite their strengths and overthrow the master. It is inevitable; axiomatic. That is why each Master must have only one student."

On a side note, one can only wonder why Revan did not return to Lehon after regaining his memories. He could have destroyed his holocron and stop so much evil from ever happening...

Of course I am not saying that redeemed Revan intended for the sith to take over the Republic a thousand years later. Have I stated something that would suggest so? If yes, sorry for the confusion and let me clarify this matter. As I said - it is ironic. Despite Revan's redemption and his role as hero and savior, in the end he was the one responsible for Republic's downfall. BEFORE his redemption did he intend for the sith to become stronger than ever? Yes.

Darth Revan 

It is possible that AFTER his redemption, he had forgotten about his holocron on Lehon, or just simply ignored it, thinking that noone would ever seek it out. In SW:TOR's patch 1.5 we will be able to explore Rakta Prime (which is just another name for Lehon) so maybe we will find out something more when this happens.

Anyway, how are one's intentions related to what he actually achieved? No matter what his latter intensions where, in the end he is one who is responsible for ultimate victory of the sith. It may have been the last thing Revan wanted but it still does not change anything. If you ask me, very cool and yet kind of tragic outcome.

"This is also the reason there can only be one Dark Lord. The Sith must be ruled by a single leader: the very embodiment of the strength and power of the dark side. If the leader grows weak another must rise to seize the mantle. The strong rule; the weak are meant to serve. This is the way it must be. My time here is ended. Take what I have taught you and use it well."

This entry will be splited into more parts, stay tuned for the other ones soon. Next coming up: HK-47, Meetra Surik, Kreia, Canderous Ordo and maybe more. Planning to do some sort of KotOR legacy series. ;)